Quick Quiz: Should I Buy a New Car or Used Car?

Are you sure which is best? Do you want the latest and greatest, or the tried and true? Select the statements that come closest to your experience and we'll get you pointed in the right direction.

Question One
I want the peace of mind that only a new car can provide.
I think used cars can be reliable and attractive.

Question Two
I would like to be my car's first driver.
I like that my car has some built-in character.

Question Three
I like getting the most up-to-date features and gadgets.
I'm not a gadget geek; I just want my car to run well.

Question Four
I don't mind paying to make sure my car is my car — the right color, trim, etc.
I'm willing to accept I won't get everything I want, as long as I save money.

Question Five
I don't mind paying higher payments for a new car; it keeps my repair bills down.
I don't mind paying for maintenance; it keeps my monthly expenses lower.

Question Six
I want to have the very latest in safety equipment.
I'm a safe driver with an excellent record; older safety gear doesn't worry me.