You may be tempted to first find the vehicle you want and then figure out how to pay for it later. Any loan can have an affordable monthly payment if you extend the term long enough, but that can add significantly to the total cost of the car. Focus on the total amount financed rather than on the monthly payment alone.

Financing Advice
Shop for financing before selecting a vehicle so you know how much car — and the best way to pay for it — you can afford.
Payment Calculator
Punch in some figures to determine what you can afford over the long term.
For Used Cars
Search Used-Car Listings –’s used-car listings, from dealers and private parties, display the range of current asking prices for vehicles in your area.
By clicking on the label at the top of each column, you can re-sort search results by year, price, color, distance or other attributes.
For New Cars
Buying Guides
Get retail prices for every new car, truck, van and SUV on the market this year.
Rebates and Incentives
Consumer and dealer incentives affect what you pay for a new car, so they play a part in deciding what and when to buy.
Last updated on 12/13/04