Car Ownership Costs

Buying a car is costly, but maintenance and ownership are where the real dollars are spent. IntelliChoice provides five-year-ownership cost estimates for new models. Below, we look at estimated ownership costs for some 2006-model-year vehicles.

Five-Year Ownership Costs
The ownership costs below are split into two categories: fixed and operating. Fixed costs include depreciation, financing, insurance and state fees; operating costs include fuel, maintenance and repairs (more details). IntelliChoice's rating for each model, based on vehicle class, is also included. Vehicles are ranked by overall model sales in 2005.
SalesMake/Model/TrimFixed CostsOperating CostsTotal CostsRating
1.Toyota Camry SE$20,973$8,367$29,341Better than average
2.Honda Accord EX$21,401$7,664$29,066Excellent
3.Honda Civic LX$17,234$7,162$24,396Excellent
4.Nissan Altima 3.5 SE$23,789$9,229$33,017Better than average
5.Chevrolet Impala LS*$22,632$9,237$31,872Excellent
6.Toyota Corolla LE$15,992$7,293$23,285Excellent
7.Chevrolet Cobalt LT$19,883$7,964$27,850Average
8.Chevrolet Malibu LT*$22,668$8,486$31,157Average
9.Ford Taurus SE*$24,430$10,336$34,765Worse than average
10.Ford Focus SE$19,569$8,398$27,970Average

*Denotes vehicles with standard automatic transmissions.

All costs are specific to the midlevel trim listed; see IntelliChoice for other trims.

Source: IntelliChoice
2005 Sales Figures: Automotive News Data Center

Posted on 2/23/06
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